Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Terrible Sunday

I had the weekend off this past weekend and my Sunday was terrible diet wise. I woke up way too early. So I was tired. Hubby and I ran some errands that day.

Nothing would satisfy my hunger at all. I was constantly hungry. I ate several sticks of celery and about 4 fill pickle spears (about 2 more pickle spears and six more celery sticks than I'm supposed to have). I couldn't finish my "lean and green" meal because my stomach couldn't handle it. I felt so bad I had to just lay down. Is it any coincidence that I took a dose of Metformin the night before just like after my last terrible Sunday? I think not.

I felt better the next day and thank god for that because I had to work. Hubby sent with me, at my request, a Boca burger that I could Microwave of I got hungry. I didn't but I ate it anyway with my Medifast tomato soup. I didn't want a terrible day especially since I might not get to eat on time due to patient flow.

It seems that Medifast is a diet of depravation while still keeping
You nutritionally sound. Some days it is plain miserable and so far its Been worth it. Because I feel good despite hunger some days, and I am losing weight.

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