Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spaghetti Arms

As I sit and wright this after my walk this morning I have 3 hrs and 45 minutes until my NCLEX exam.  I'm guzzling my water after my 38 minute walk on my usual route.  I stopped my stop watch after I reached the play ground  and decided to attempt to hang upside down on the bar to allow my spine to stretch because ever since I pulled a muscle a few days ago my neck has been stiff. 

Well, I couldn't even lift myself up on the bar.  Then I attempted the monkey bars and I couldn't even drag my heavy butt across but one rung.  How sad is that??  So sad.  I could do this when I was a kid and now I have no upper body strength!  This will have to be fixed! I ended up taking a 5 minute swing on the swing.

I've gotta run now and review test taking strategy's before I take a shower and get ready.  Gotta leave at 12:30 to be there by 1:30 (test begins at 2pm) and It will take 36 minutes to get there according to My Waze application on my iPhone.  I plan to eat my lean and green meal for lunch today to give me good fuel for my exam.

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