Saturday, June 9, 2012

This is hard, so very hard

I've been on Medifast for two weeks now and I've lost 7.4 lbs. As weight loss plans go, this one is not the easiest at all. Don't get me wrong when I say that it is not easy because it isn't but it does have some easy aspects. All the food is freeze dried and just needs to be constituted with plain cold water. Some are microwaveable and some you just shake. So it's easy peasy.

What i am finding difficult is the hunger while I am at work. I walk around 85% of my time most 95% of the days I work (sometimes days are easy with hours of ass time) So I find myself getting hungry sooner that the two to three hours between my meals. This is difficult for me.

We had an ice cream social at work due to getting a top grade in patient safety. I was not able to participate in this social because I could not have the ice cream. I stayed in my unit and then the treys of ice cream started rolling in and I watched others eat their two scoops with a variety of toppings. There was much sadness on my part. Not only was I hungry but I couldn't have what everyone else was eating. And it sucked!

I made it through but came home depressed and teary-eyed. Even the "lean green" meal didn't satisfy me. My husband not so difficultly forced some Medifast pudding on me because I was so hungry. And I ended up eating nearly 1000 kcals yesterday.

It's 3:51pm today and I've only has 226 calories despite adding a little veggie shreds (cheddar flavor) to my Medifast South west eggs (which are great on their own) I've has so little because I got up at 9:30 and didn't eat until 11:30 which I'm not supposed to do. I'm supposed to eat within 30 minutes of rising which I hardly ever do especially when I have to work.

My in-laws are here this weekend and they eat regular food and it will be temping to partake in a cold cut sandwich with delicious cheese. Hmmmm cheese. Creamy cheese... Okay, snap out of it!!! We will be going out to dinner tonight at Bonefish grill. I'm sure I can find something appropriate there to eat.

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