Monday, June 4, 2012

After the first week

It's going well with the Medifast diet. I'm not terribly hungry most days except when I'm working my ass off at work. Then I get hungry.

I got some new foods. The cinnamon roll bars are delicious. So is the tomato soup. And my favorite soup is the chicken with wild rice. It's so good!

I am finding that some of the meals are better prepared with hot water or boiling water instead of cold water than microwave. The oatmeal is better
when made with hot or boiling water,

I also find the shakes more enjoyable when blended with a little crushed ice. I love the dark chocolate, dutch chocolate 55 and the French vanilla 55 shakes.

I love the brownies and the hot chocolate too! I think I'm going to have one right now!

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