Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Weigh In

I had my first weigh in at Medifast today.  I am down to 177.8 from 181.6 (3.8 lbs gone)

Right after the weigh in I purchased more food.  I got some of our regular stuff that we already had but I also got a new one Cinnamon Rolled crunch bar I think it's called.  I had it for lunch.  It was delicious.

I walked the outdoor shopping mall after my appt today.  I walked for 26 minutes.  I will also do that after my next appointment next week.

Tonight it's out with the ladies to paint pottery. I will be eating my lean and green meal before going out tonight.  An extra lean turkey burger made with italian seasoning.  It will be good.

I received my authorization to Test for the NCLEX today.  I scheduled my exam already.  I will be testing on June 20.  That leaves 20 days for study!  I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.

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